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  • Forming and managing the national team including organization of trainings, training camps, participation in major tournaments as World & European championships, Winter Youth Olympic Games, Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games;

  • Implementing long term development plan for preparation of pro athletes in new disciplines;

  • Improving the qualifications of local athletes and trainers by involving foreign specialists;

  • Supporting existing legionnaires engaged in winter sports (Ekaterina Ryabova, Vladimir Litvintsev and others).

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  • Promoting the existing ski resorts in Azerbaijan to facilitate an establishment of strong winter sports culture;  

  • Contributing in the organization of various local competitions to increase interest in winter sports among wider audiences;  

  • Supporting the involvement of socially and physically vulnerable groups in winter sports and the development of required facilities for them.

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  • Promotion of ski and other winter sports school programs development under the ski resorts;

  • Stimulating people from all walks of life, especially children and youngsters, to participate in school programs;

  • Supporting the children from families with low social income, along with the families suffered from Karabakh war in education on winter sports.

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